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How Much Does a Screen Enclosure Cost in Jacksonville?

How Much Does a Screen Enclosure Cost in Jacksonville?

Enjoy your Jacksonville, Florida, backyard in comfort and style with a screen enclosure. Create an enclosure around your pool, outdoor kitchen, or patio and reap all the benefits of protection from the elements and added privacy. At Impact Enclosures, we’re experts in upgrading your outdoor experiences. We also care about giving you the most information possible about the benefits of a screen enclosure, how much it will cost, and everything you can expect to be included.


What Are the Benefits of a Screen Enclosure?

Whether you’re screening in your pool, patio, or outdoor kitchen, you’ll be grateful you did once you experience the many benefits. A screen enclosure will provide protection from: 

  • Dust
  • Insects
  • Wild animals and pests
  • Fallen leaves
  • Pollen
  • Excess sunlight

You’ll be relieved when you notice how much more clean your outdoor area will be! With all these benefits, you’re likely ready to get started on your screen enclosure design. Let’s break down the costs so you’ll know your options and choose the best screen enclosure for your Florida home. 

Screen Room with Lighting and Hot Tub

How Much Does a Screen Room Cost in Jacksonville, Florida?

Protect your patio or outdoor kitchen from the elements and live more comfortably in your own backyard. Within 7-20 days, depending on the level you choose, you can host barbecues, birthday parties, and friendly outdoor hangouts without worrying about insects, the strong summer sun, or constantly having to clear out leaves and dust. 

Keep in mind that our screen enclosures don’t include a foundation or electricity. However, we have a network of trusted tradespeople we can recommend. All of our professional-grade screen enclosures include: 

  • A 12’x20’ screen room with 3” composite roof for durability
  • High-quality screens made in America
  • Stainless steel fasteners to resist rust
  • Heavy gauge doors with felt lining 
  • A fan beam that’s ready for your own fan installation 
  • A 16” kickplate knee wall
  • 5-year warranty plus a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the insulated roof


All of our screen enclosures offer a higher quality product than any prefabricated screen enclosure on the market, even at our base cost. At this level, you’ll enjoy the standard 12’x20’ with an 8’ height, your screen room will have a 3” insulated shed-style roof with fascia tie-ins for added strength and 6” gutters with downspouts. 

At this level, your total cost will come to $16,000, including permitting and engineering services. 


Your screen enclosure at the Better level will also include a 3” insulated roof but will be gable-style for an 11’ height at the center with 8’ side walls, secured to your home with a roof jump to your home’s roof for maximum strength. Your riser wall will be made of a fiber cement board for added durability. To control rainwater, your gable roofing will include two 6” gutters with downspouts. 

The cost of your screen enclosure at this level will be $27,000 and include any necessary permits and engineering services. 


The Best level begins with the same 3” insulated gable roof with a maximum height of 11’ with 8’ side walls and two 6’ gutters with downspouts. Your screen enclosure will be secured to your home using a roof jump but also include tongue and groove soffits and matching shingles added to the composite roof. Durable fiber cement boards are used on the riser walls. 

The Best cost level will come to $37,000 and also include permits and engineering services. 

Pool Screen Enclosure with Hot Tub in Jacksonville

How Much Does a Pool Screen Enclosure Cost in Jacksonville, Florida?

Within only 5 days, you can keep leaves and insects out of your pool and enjoy the benefit of not having to skim your pool every time you want to take a dip or have friends over on a warm day. You’ll also be protected from excess sun and heat, so you can comfortably enjoy your pool for hours on end. As with screen rooms, your pool screen enclosure won’t include electricity, but we can recommend a trusted tradesperson to contact for this service. 

Building a screen enclosure around your pool also offers the peace of mind that children can’t wander into your pool area and fall in, creating the worst-case scenario. 

Here are a few of the standard features every one of our pool screen enclosures will include: 

  • A 25’x45’ screen enclosure
  • 2 heavy gauge doors with felt lining
  • Stainless steel fasteners to resist rust and internal gusset plates
  • 4 easy clean-out drains 
  • High-quality screens on the side walls and roof that are made in America


Every one of our pool screen enclosures are top quality, far surpassing any prefabricated model you can find. At the Good price level, you’ll also receive 7” upgraded gutters and downspouts. Your pool screen enclosure at this level will come with a 5-year warranty. 

At this level, expect your cost to be $19,000 and include permits and engineer services. 


At this level, your pool screen enclosure will include an expanded view on the back wall. Your 7” upgraded gutter and downspouts add extra control of any rainwater. The Better cost level includes an excellent 5-year warranty plus a 10-year warranty on the expanded-view back wall. 

The Better pool screen enclosure will cost $22,000 and also include permitting and engineer services. 


Your Best level pool screen enclosure pulls out all the stops! Enjoy our Mega view panels on every wall and a heavy-duty screen on the roof and walls. Control the flow of rainwater with 7” Super gutter with gutter guards and downspouts. Your heavy duty screens all carry a 10-year warranty with a 5-year warranty on the enclosure structure. 

The Best pool enclosure screen level comes to $32,000, which includes permits and engineering. 


Level Up with Screen Enclosure Lighting

Enjoy your screen enclosure well into the evening by including our lighting services. We’ll create your perfect lighting system that works for your specific layout. Highlight your landscaping, create a well-lit cook space for your outdoor kitchen, and set the mood with relaxing lighting over your pool. Our lighting packages range from $2,700 to $5,800. 


Contact Impact Enclosures to find out what’s included in each lighting package as well as finding out about our motorized screens and costs for other services. Set up a consultation to find out which screen enclosure is perfect for your Florida home! 


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