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Pros & Cons of Enclosing a Pool in Florida (#7 is Important!)

Pros & Cons of Enclosing a Pool in Florida (#7 is Important!)

Living in the Sunshine State offers a paradise-like experience, especially if you have a swimming pool to enjoy in your own backyard. While you’re lounging poolside or splashing around in the water, you may have wondered, “Should I add a screen enclosure to my pool?” Whether you're in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, or the surrounding area, this guide will give you a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of enclosing your pool.

Ponte Vedra Pool Screen Enclosure

1. Pro: Safety for Children and Pets

One of the undeniable benefits of having a pool enclosure is the added safety it provides for children and pets. Pool enclosures act like a physical barrier, preventing unintended access to the pool area. This is critical for parents and pet owners who want to minimize the risks associated with having an open pool. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are safe is priceless.


2. Con: Initial Cost

Installing a pool screen enclosure in Florida does come with an upfront cost, with the final cost depending on size, customization, and additional features. It can feel like a hefty investment, especially right after the cost of installing the pool itself. However, when you balance this against the ongoing benefits, it becomes more of an investment than an expense. Plus, it may add value to your home.


3. Pro: Easier Maintenance

Less debris in your pool means less maintenance, both in terms of time and money. You won't have to fish out leaves, and twigs, or deal with bugs as frequently as you would with an open pool. This can also translate into savings on pool chemicals and filtration, as you won't need as much to keep your pool sparkling clean. Over the long term, these savings can be quite substantial.


4. Pro: Limited Sun Exposure

The screen will filter some light, making the sun less intense than if there was no screen at all. If you’d like to both enjoy your pool and avoid overexposure to the sun, a screen pool enclosure is a great addition. To increase protection, add a motorized pergola within the structure.

In Florida’s harsh summer sun, a little shade can actually be quite beneficial. You'll have a more comfortable outdoor environment with less direct sun exposure, reducing the risks of sunburn and heat exhaustion. Plus, you can always sunbathe outside the enclosure if you really miss the direct sunlight.

Jacksonville Pool Screen Enclosure

5. Pro: Enhanced Privacy

A pool screen not only protects against debris and accidents but also provides peace of mind. Whether you're sunbathing, swimming, or just lounging around, an enclosure offers a degree of privacy that an open pool simply can't. The privacy can turn your pool area into a more personal retreat.


6. Con: Building Requirements and Permits

Building codes and permits can indeed be cumbersome, but they're in place for a reason. You'll want your pool enclosure to be safe, sturdy, and compliant with local regulations. These codes often dictate the materials you can use and the dimensions of the enclosure, among other factors. But once you're through this process, you'll have a structure that's both legal and safe. Not to mention, your design-builder will be able to navigate these hurdles as part of their design-build process. 


7. Pro: Legal Requirement in Florida

Here’s the kicker: in Florida, it’s not just about wanting to secure your pool; it's a legal requirement. This isn't just a point to consider—it's a mandate to follow. Unless you put in a self-closing aluminum pool fence, not putting in a pool enclosure can result in fines, and in extreme cases, legal action. This makes enclosing your pool not just sensible but obligatory, adding extra weight to the "Pro" column of this debate.



The pros and cons of enclosing your pool can offer insights into whether this is the right decision for you. But remember, if you're in Florida, it's not merely a matter of choice—it’s a requirement by law. So, from added safety and easier maintenance to legal obligations, a pool enclosure offers more pros than cons. All that's left is to pick how you If you're in the Jacksonville area and wondering how to make the best out of your pool, Impact Enclosures is just a phone call away. Your dream enclosure could be the next project we tackle together! Contact us at Impact Enclosures to schedule a consultation today