The Benefits of Backyard Pergolas

Pergolas offer a simple and creative way to enhance the beauty of a home’s backyard or garden. Installing a pergola allows the homeowner to instantly enhance their garden, block out undesirable views, or offer protection against the weather.

Enhancing the Garden

Most pergolas are designed as a structure that is supported by columns. They incorporate beams and/or lattices into their design that link with the columns at the top. By planting climbing plants on one or both sides of the lattice material, long vines and branches can intertwine in the open lattice to add decorative beauty to the garden’s design. Pergolas are also ideal for hanging plants.

Blocking Undesirable Views

Constructing a pergola in the yard is an ideal way to block out any undesirable view. This might include the neighbor’s home, a dying tree, or an ugly garage or shed. When installed in a strategic place they can easily block out undesirable views and allow the homeowner and visitor’s attention to be refocused on the beauty of the yard.

Protecting against the Weather

When a pergola is designed to incorporate climbing plants, or heavy laced lattice, it can easily block out the intense sunshine to the area below. Pergolas can even be designed to protect against the rain without completely blocking off the lid like a traditional roof.

Pergolas are often blended into a landscaping design with other outdoor structures including verandas and gazebos. Sometimes, pergolas are designed as a “lead-in” to the backyard, pool deck, or other structures.

A well-built pergola will add significant value to every homeowner’s property. Additionally, it provides a focal point of interest that can quickly enhance even the most boring landscape. It can be built to provide shade, protection from the elements, or as a screen to block out even the most undesirable view.

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