Screen Rooms

Screen rooms can offer aesthetic beauty to a home. They serve as the optimal choice for blending the outdoors and indoors together. Most are built like a traditional sunroom that is finished with affordable screen mashing instead of expensive glass panels. They allow the homeowner to enjoy beautiful warm days and feel a light breeze in a protected environment. Installing the screen room allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoor weather without the need of being bothered by harmful insects including mosquitoes and wasps.

There are numerous benefits to installing screen rooms in an existing home or new construction. Some of these benefits include:

Screen Rooms Safeguard against the Environment While Enjoying the Outdoors

Increasing Property Value – Installing screen rooms are known to significantly increase the value of a residential property. It offers a significant return on investment, which is often a much higher increase in property value than a sunroom or deck.

Enjoying the Outdoors – Nearly every member of the family will enjoy sitting in the outdoor air behind the protection of a screen. Screen rooms can safeguard against the bombardment of mosquitoes. They allow family members a safe and protective environment because most are built as an extension of the home.

A Fresh Air Option – Unlike a sunroom that holds the hot heat of summer in an enclosed environment, screen rooms offer a continuous supply of fresh air.

An Affordable Home Improvement – Installing a screen room enclosure is an extremely cost-effective solution when compared to other exterior home improvements. The maintenance required on a screen enclosure is very low.

Screen rooms are fast to fabricate and install. They provide a homeowner an easy way to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning, or spend hours throughout the day in the backyard, avoiding mosquitoes, sunshine or rain. They are offered in a variety of custom designs that naturally blend into any home’s architectural style.

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