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Pergola and Motorized Screens Protect Outdoor Kitchen in Jacksonville

Impact Enclosures recently had the pleasure of transforming a beautiful backyard into a custom outdoor living space, thanks to a referral from a neighbor. Situated in an ideal neighborhood, this project required innovative solutions to meet the unique needs and desires of the clients. The result is a great example of the creativity and expertise of the Impact Enclosures team.

The homeowners sought to create an outdoor area that provided shade and rain protection without compromising their stunning view. They needed a solution that would allow them to grill and keep their outdoor furniture dry, all while adhering to strict HOA regulations that demanded any backyard structure mimic the aesthetic of the house. Importantly, they wanted to increase natural light entering the home but still have the option for cover during rain.


Jacksonville, FL

Project Goals

  • Provide shade and rain protection
  • Retain their beautiful view
  • Adhere to HOA restrictions

Total Cost

Outdoor Living Area in Jacksonville with Pergola and Dining Area
Smart Pergola with Motorized Screens Around Summer Kitchen in Jacksonville


Start Date

January 1, 2022


July 1, 2022


June 26, 2022


To achieve these goals, the project featured the addition of a modern Azenco pergola, complemented by Magnatrack motorized screens and Superscreen fixed screens for unobstructed views. Concrete footers laid the foundation for this sturdy and stylish structure. The design was carefully planned to integrate seamlessly with the home's existing architecture, ensuring that the new additions looked like natural extensions of the house.


Pergola and Summer Kitchen Under Construction Jacksonville Outdoor Living
Before and After Pergola and Motorized Screen Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor Living Area in Jacksonville with Pergola and Motorized Screen
French Doors to Summer Kitchen in Jacksonville with Pergola and Motorized Screens
Outdoor Living Space in Jacksonville with Smart Pergola and Dining Area

One of the major hurdles was the home's varied rooflines, which presented a significant design challenge. Achieving a cohesive look while ensuring waterproofing required careful planning and execution.

Additionally, the desire to maintain the backyard's open feel meant incorporating motorized screens that could disappear when not in use, preserving the panoramic views. The clients' request to connect the structure to a specific corner of the house without exceeding their budget led to the innovative solution of a small screen roof bump out, avoiding the need for an additional pergola.

This project showcases Impact Enclosures' ability to navigate complex design challenges and deliver custom solutions that exceed client expectations. The finished outdoor space not only enhances the home's aesthetic and functionality but also respects the natural beauty of its surroundings. If you're dreaming of a similar transformation for your backyard, contact Impact Enclosures. Let us bring your vision to life with a custom outdoor living space designed just for you, ensuring it's everything you hoped for and more.

Stacked Stone Cladding on Summer Kitchen for Jacksonville Outdoor Living Space
Beautiful Outdoor Living Area on Water with Summer Kitchen and Pergola
Outdoor Kitchen with a View and Dining Area in Jacksonville

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