Glass Rooms

Glass Rooms Offer Protection from the Elements While Enjoying the Outdoors

Residential glass room additions serve as the ideal solution for expanding the square footage of a home while blending the outdoor and indoor experience together. The process of installing a glass room addition can be extensive. It requires skillful knowledge, understanding of local building codes, and the installation of the best products.

Companies that design and install glass rooms can create them in nearly any style or design from a standard addition on the back of a residential home, to an elegant solarium. They are often built on existing structures as a way to increase a sizable amount of unusable space in the home to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, all year long. Typically built as a seamless expansion of an existing residential home, these beautiful glass rooms are fabricated with durable safety glass.

Low-E Glass with Reduced Glare

New advancements in glass technology also reduce glare to avoid the blinding effects of older style glass rooms and solariums. Companies that install glass rooms often incorporate low-E (emissivity) glass panes that are pre-cut to match the specifications of the design. The glass panes that are rated “low-E” will tend to transfer less heat from one side of the glass to the other, making the interior air more comfortable.

Incorporating a glass room into the design of a home can help the homeowner enjoy the outdoors in a protected environment. These rooms safeguard against the intense heat of the summer, sunshine glare, and heavy rain. Glass rooms have the ability to protect against harmful insects including wasps and mosquitoes so that every member of the family can enjoy the view of the beautiful outdoors.

Homeowners that wish to add an attractive room should consider the installation of glass rooms in newly constructed houses, or existing homes. They offer a substantial return on investment because they increase the value of the property.

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