Find the right door placement!!!

I’ve learned that most people when asked to pick a door placement will pick a placement that won’t get them the most function out of the area they’re building. If your going to be putting a lot money into building a beautiful screen or glass room used to add additional space to your home it’s wise to pick a door placement that doesn’t ruin a traffic pattern; meaning that if you have to walk around a table and chairs to get to your exit the space becomes split or ruined. You’re not going to be able to put a sofa, or any furniture in front of that door and you don’t want your guest to have to squeeze around your furniture or other guests sitting down enjoying the room. If you want to get the most money out of the space you’re building, consciously think about where that door will go.

Apply the 3’ foot rule!!!

The 3’ foot rule means that you and your guests should be able to walk freely through traffic patterns by making sure there’s 3’ of space in between. To make it easy, think of a doorway. Most doorways are 3’ wide. It’s not a ton of room to get through but it’s enough to be comfortable. Apply the 3’ rule while designing. Sketch it on paper lightly with a pencil so you can erase and see if it works. At that point add more space or buy smaller furniture.
I hope that helps! Good Luck! 

Ryan Hammers
Background in 2d and 3d design
Building Contractor
Impact Enclosures