Are There Differences in Screen Enclosures?

Are There Differences in Screen Enclosures?

There’s plenty of things to upgrade in a screen enclosure. Despite what one may think they aren’t all built equal. We have a lot of customers that ask us to price things out, site unseen, but the example I chose to give is this: If someone walks into a car dealership and asks for a four door car that drives there’s quite a difference in models. The same goes for most things and is such for screen enclosures.

Upgradable things on a enclosure:

  • Thickness and sizes of super gutter
  • Types of doors
  • Hardware on doors
  • Screen upgrades
  • Screw upgrades
  • Thickness of aluminum
  • K bracing
  • Cable ties
  • Size of downspouts
  • Drains to let the water out

So next time someone gives you a price and doesn’t talk about one feature he may be selling you a Ford Pinto when you were assuming it was a Honda Accord or maybe even a Mercedes.

Happy shopping
Ryan Hammers
Owner of Impact enclosures